ILoveMyFro Hass Avocado Deep Treatment

ILoveMyFro Hass Avocado Deep Treatment


Treat your hair to a spa of avocado and oil goodness. All natural!

A must for your winter hair care regimen!

Great for both natural and relaxed hair!

This all natural protein treatment will strengthen, as well as moisturize your hair.

With 100% all natural avocado fat and nutritious oils, your hair will thank you!

Ingredients: Hass Avocado, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Citric Acid and Natural Fragrance.

How To Use:  Mix well.  For best results apply in sections to dry hair.
Once fully applied, pinup hair, put on a conditioning cap. Leave in for at least 30minutes or longer.  Rinse, shampoo, condition then detangle.

NOW STRAINED!  No Avocado Particles Left in Your Hair! 

Please note.  This product is shipped frozen but will be completely melted when received. Though it maybe a little brown, before use mix well and the product will turn  fully green again or if re-frozen the product will also turn fully green again.  For Immediate Use: Refrigerate |  For Future Use: Freeze  

Size: 16oz

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