About Me

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ILoveMyFro is a natural hair care product and resource designed to educate, support, and help black women with kinky, coily, coarse natural hair to embrace and love their God-given texture!

In September of 2006, I (Harmony Knight) did my BC (BIG CHOP), as my relaxed hair was severely damaged. Like many of you, I began relaxing my hair at the age of 13 and continued to do so into adulthood. When I initially did my BC, I had no intention of going natural. My intent was to wear a TWA (Teeny Weenie Afro) until I gained some length, and then back to the relaxer I would go. Everyone loved the TWA on me. It was considered, retro, fresh, and unique! I had no idea that opinions would change once I got into the 'FUNKY GROW-OUT" stage!

As my hair continued to grow I realized that I was a woman in her early 30's, who had no idea how to take care of her natural hair. That's when I decided to try this natural thing out. At this stage of the game, I did not know about YouTube's Natural Hair Community and all the other natural hair resources that were available; so I was on my own. I had many botched hairstyles and disappointments! Many days, the relaxer was calling, but I was determined to learn how to take care of my hair in its natural state. What was my motivation? The hurtful comments, stares, and downright hatred for natural hair, made me realize that being my natural self was a problem! It was then that ILoveMyFro was born, in the face of ignorance and adversity! It was not until 2008, that I discovered YouTube and other natural hair resources. I decided to do a few videos on YouTube and share my journey with those who were struggling as I did. As a result, ILoveMyFro was created to help my fellow sisters on their natural hair journey to avoid the pitfalls, gain confidence, lose the "good hair" mentality and learn to completely fall in love with their kinky, nappy, curly, coils!