About Me


I am passionate about empowering black women with kinky, coily, and coarse natural hair to embrace and celebrate their beautiful texture through "I Love My Fro," a natural hair care product and educational platform.

Back in September 2006, I, Harmony Knight, took the bold step of doing the Big Chop (BC) after realizing the severe damage my relaxed hair had endured. Like many others, I had started relaxing my hair at the age of 13 and continued into adulthood. Initially, my plan after the BC was simply to rock a Teeny Weenie Afro (TWA) until it grew out a bit, then return to relaxing. The TWA received lots of love and praise as something retro, fresh, and unique. However, opinions shifted once I entered the "Funky Grow-Out" stage.

As my hair grew, I found myself in my early 30s without a clue on how to care for my natural hair. Determined to figure it out, I embarked on this natural journey. This was before the era of YouTube's Natural Hair Community and other resources, so I was navigating on my own, facing numerous failed hairstyles and disappointments. Despite the allure of reverting to relaxing my hair, I remained steadfast in learning to care for my natural locks. What kept me going was the hurtful comments, stares, and societal disdain for natural hair, which highlighted the problem of simply being my authentic self.

In response to this ignorance and adversity, I founded "I Love My Fro." It wasn't until 2008 that I stumbled upon YouTube and other natural hair resources. Inspired to share my journey and help others facing similar struggles, I began creating videos on YouTube. Thus, "I Love My Fro" was born, aiming to support fellow sisters on their natural hair journey, guiding them to avoid pitfalls, gain confidence, break free from the "good hair" mentality, and ultimately, fall in love with their kinky, nappy, curly coils.