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Loc & Braid Hydrator

Loc & Braid Hydrator

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For those of us looking for a low-maintenance haircare routine, locs provide a great sense of freedom. However, it's crucial to ensure adequate hydration, especially during harsh winter weather. The I Love My Fro Loc Hydrator is a perfect blend of ingredients that nourish, hydrate, and condition your hair in any state ensuring healthy and vibrant tresses year-round.

Can be used on locs, loose natural, and relaxed hair.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Rose Water, Beet Sugar Extract, Raw Honey, Germall Plus Liquid and Vanilla Bean Concentrate for Fragrance.

To Use:  Apply to scalp or hair when it's dry. Then apply your favorite oil to seal in moisture. 

Do not apply to soaking wet hair.

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